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Dementedjen asked...

"Why do you switch journals so often?"

My reply:

Actually, I thought this question might be asked and it's easier for me to just brush it off as me being flighty, which is pretty much true. But, it's actually a pretty complicated answer.

When I first started posting under jboogey78, I did some Dugera fic infrequently and when I got back into reading and writing slash, I didn't remember my username. So, I created a new one, j2daily, since I was reading and writing mostly j2 fic.

Then, my mom got cancer and died. It was rough and I lost my ability to focus on anything that didn't involve chemo and scooters and oatmeal with cinnamon (which was one of the only things she would eat).

A few months after she died, I was able to read again. Then, I was able to write again, but I wanted to write boyband slash all the time and this did not seem like the appropriate place to post it.

So, I created popslashrevival. Then, I started to think (belatedly, I admit) that wouldn't it be more convienent to have all of my fic in one place regardless of the fandom? So, I started themadslasher and I was really happy and ready to go. I even got my feet wet getting some of my stuff professionally published.

Then, on July 15, 2009, my husband was killed.

And in a fit of misery and rage, I deleted everything that I could get my hands on. Writing about love, reading about love, anything about romantic love pissed me off. I didn't log on, didn't read anything except for true crime novels and cried and ate a lot.

Slowly, I have been able to read more. The romantic novels that I've always read and even some slash. My reading and writing has again picked up steam.

Very recently (very, very recently, I decided that I should come back to this thing that I obviously love since it's been in and out of my life for the last 4 years. Only, I had deleted themadslasher...and everything else.

I found a thumb drive. I saved all of my stuff there back in 2009. I decided to post again.

So, jayaslash exists.

I hope that I can be more consistent this time around. I hope that no more death lurks around the corner of my immediate future. I hope I can gain friends and write freely again because it makes me happy.

And, that, dear dementedjen, is why I have switched journals so often.


Oh dear lord. That's..and...wow. So...you switch names as often as you'd like, & for whatever reason, y'know? But as you'd said, I have to believe that you've hit the cosmic mark & then some for tragedy. Gads. So sorry, hon. Glad you're coming around, though. *shuts up & is glad you're here*
Holy crap honey.....I don't know what to say except thats a whole lot of tragedy for one person to deal with.....I am so so so sorry you have lost so much and people who obviously meant a whole lot to you.....I am glad to have you back, I have missed you around and i hope you know contact me if you ever wanna talk or just hang or just be....im on msn constantly....
*hugs you*

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