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Defriending, Refriending....

I moved.  Yet again. 


Hopefully, for the last time...

jayaslash aka j2daily aka popslashrevival aka jboogey78 aka themadslasher



*runs over there*
Uhm... wow.
I'm more than a little surprised to see you back. (and yes, sorry for not seeing and commenting on your last post but I have lots of reading to do...)

I'm so sorry for your loss and if theres anything at all let me know. Even if just to rant....

As for the new journal... I hope you wont mind me friending you over there as I always enjoyed reading your ff and will do in the future too. or at least I plan on doing so.

*friends you there*
OKAY HONEY! I friended you over there! Hope you friend me back! *hugs*
see you over there! :-)
nawww everybody is moving fics and changing =( wanted to read For the Love of Jensen Ackles 30/30 *sniffs*
will it be at the madslasher? *sad eyes*
Dude. What happened to your other journal?
Where are you girl?
Gah! Life is a mess right now. shouldn't have deleted everything, but at the time I was NOT feeling any love for anything and wanted everything gone. I dunno.

Thanks for checking on me, girly
okay. Okay great. I got worried, cause you even disappeared on Twitter. And I know you've gone through so much, I was worried.

Just make sure to keep in touch, so I don't freak too much. LOL!

I don't know if you'll get this...but I was wondering where all your stuff has gone? I clicked on the link for themadslasher, but it says the journal has been deleted. I miss your fics and was really hoping to reread them and put them on my ebook reader...

I hope you're ok. :)
I'm okay. Getting better every day. Went through a major life change in July. It knocked me for a complete loop and I deleted everything and ditched life in general. I mean, I ate, went to work and came home and went to sleep, but I didn't want my stories or anything of me out there at the time. It just made me feel vulnerable; it's hard to explain.

Most of my stories are still up on the yolasite at http://www.themadslasher.yolasite.com/

However, I still have to put my idol slash up, which I'll do soon. Not sure when I will be writing again, though!
I noticed that your new lj was deleted awhile back but because I'm an idiot, i hadn't kept your old (this account) on my flist. So it took me awhile to remember your username. I kept thinking j2 something but there's so many of those out there! But I found you again! I'm just glad to know you're alive sweetie since you've replied recently to another commenter :).

hey your new lj is deleted....i was wondering if u have any other lj where i can add you. tc!
I just saw this and was hoping that I'm not too late to tell you how amazing your writing is. I do hope that you will pass along the new location of your fics but if not keep up the great work!
I hope you won't mind friending me on your new journal. I love reading your work. Regardless, best of luck on your future fics! One question that I did have, why did you de-tag everything? I've been wondering, because I love going back and re-reading some past favorites (like 'Blood Bond'). Are you going to be reposting them on your new journal?

Either way, love your work and wish you the best in this New Year!
I'm sorry to hear about all those bad things happening to you. and I hate to bother you seeings as how you don't know me from adam. but i was wondering if you were the madslasher who wrote natural submission. If so I would really lover to read that again if it survived. thanks so much sorry again for all the bad.

For the love of jensen ackles

Hi. I don't even know if you gonna read it, but...
I really would like to read the 'For the love of jensen ackles'.

And I know it was writen for you..

Can you just send me, please?

My email is zimartins@gmail.com

Thanks and hugs!!

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